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Here’s what parents say about Creative Playtime:

“We feel so lucky and thankful to be part of the Creative Playtime family. My son has grown so much since he started the program, and school is certainly his favorite part of the week. This is his first group-setting experience, and in another language at that (we only speak Spanish at home), and we could not have hoped for a better place for him and our family. Paula and the teachers are so warm, nurturing and understanding, and everything in the school, from the staggered introduction to the program to the activities and crafts, is so well thought-out and appropriate. One of our favorite parts is that the program is very family-centric, so that we are all part of this journey that is the first school experience. Matias loves his friends and teachers, and is so excited to go to school! His English has taken off, and so have his social skills. Thank you Paula, Rissy, Roz, Suzi and Ilana for everything! .”
         — Karla, Chestnut Hill, MA, 2015

“We moved to the Boston area shortly before our son started at Creative Playtime. The familial atmosphere and focus on families fostered our meeting a number of folks which was lovely! It certainly eased our transition to Brookline and made us feel a part of a community. Additionally, the teachers created the most loving and supportive atmosphere for our toddler as he went through the various changes of moving and welcoming a new brother. At my request, they met with us often to discuss the ways to support our son. Their love was evident to our son as he still talks about the teachers there! I truly felt like we gained a family through Creative Playtime.”
         — Mehgan, Brookline, MA 2015

“We can't imagine a more perfect first school than Creative Playtime! Our son talks about school every day - his friends, his teachers, and the fun, creative projects he is always so proud to bring home. Everything about it is "just right" including the size, the structure, and, most importantly, the wonderfully warm and loving teachers"
         — Shannon and Peter, Chestnut Hill, MA 2015

“I feel so lucky that we discovered Creative Playtime for our second daughter, Aviva. Starting school in such a gentle and carefully thought out program made her first school experiences extremely positive. I loved that the teachers had such a clear understanding of toddlers and what they need. At other programs (with my older daughter) I'd been told to just throw her into things, and let her cry, and eventually she'd be fine. That was never the case, and my older daughter had years of anxiety about being left places. Aviva has always thought of being left at school as a positive thing, and I credit the careful introduction she had at CP. She still speaks often of how she wants to go back to CP. ”
         — Meg, Jamaica Plain, MA 2015

“ The teachers at Creative Playtime create an incredibly warm environment for a two year old's first introduction to school. It is the perfect first step for kids who have been home with a caretaker. With five teachers for ten kids, your child gets a lot of personal attention and it feels like your child (and you) have five new aunts to help take care of them. My son loved going to Paula's and would often cry on the days he didn't have school. Paula and her team also give great advice to parents when you feel lost riding the roller coaster of a two year old’s emotions. Creative playtime is simply the best. Sign up now, you won't regret it :)”
         — Rebecca, M.D., Brookline, MA 2015

“We are so glad that we found Creative Playtime for our 2-year old son. This is his first interaction with a peer group and we speak mostly Chinese at home, so obviously we wanted to find a very supportive environment where he will feel secured and loved. We are happy with the very gentle transition that the teachers at Creative Playtime offered even before school started, with home visits and meet & greet at a local park. Even with the first few weeks of separation anxiety, we were amazed at how our son has adapted to this new environment under the patience and guidance of the teachers. Love the teacher-kids ratio which is unheard of at other places. We are happy to report that now our son LOVED to go to school and developed a very intimate bonding with his friends and teachers, and that he will stay at Creative Playtime for a second year!”

         — Diana, Brookline, MA 2015

“We were so lucky to have found Creative Playtime. It is an amazingly warm and loving environment and our daughter flourished under the wonderful care she received. We could not have picked a better first school experience and it made the transition to preschool seamless”

         — Marianna, Brookline, MA 2015

“"My daughter was lucky enough to have spent two years at Creative Playtime. Her confidence grew leaps and bounds throughout her time there. Her play was fostered in such a kind, respectful, and positive way. Most importantly, I knew I was leaving her in an incredibly loving and safe environment each time I dropped her off. In fact, the support both your children and you receive will make you feel like you want to drop your plans and stay in that happy and charming little world all day long!”

         — Amy, Brookline, MA 2015

“You are such a unique environment.  You have set the bar very high indeed!”
         — Jennifer, Arlington, MA

“Thank you for providing an exceptionally wonderful experience for all three of our children who attended Creative Playtime.  They all blossomed in their own way over the course of the academic year. They became more confident, self-sufficient and better at interacting with other children. I can’t say enough good things about the program:

  • a loving, professional staff who have been
    together for a long time
  • an incredible student-teacher ratio
  • lots of reading time
  • wonderful art projects
  • physical activities and singing time that all my
    children loved
  • a constant introduction of new toys and materials
    and insightful and valuable feedback about my children’s actions and behaviors

    We were all very fortunate to be part of the Creative Playtime family.”
             — Donna and Tim , Brookline, MA


“I can’t imagine a more nurturing, wonderful, or engaging place to launch a 2 year old! My daughter took flight after only a few weeks!”
         — Linda, Brookline, MA


“Most schools are right for some kids (and their parents). This is the only school I’ve ever found that is right for ALL kinds of kids.”
         — Candace, Brookline, MA


“There have been so many highlights and joys of her two years with you, but perhaps most indicative is that Yael always bounded out of the house ready to go to Creative Playtime, never once wanting to miss a day. In fact, her first question when she woke up was, ‘Is today a Paula day?’ It is hard to express how grateful we are- how much you have become part of our family and we have felt a part of yours.  As hard as it is to say goodbye, we also know that your collective love, creativity, enthusiasm, and gentle touch will forever be part of Yael, instilling in her care for others, joy of discovery, and an  exuberance about life and learning. Could there be any better way to start school? We would say it has been a magical two years, but to call it magic does not do justice to the hard work and dedication we know you all devote.”
         — Sara , M.D., Brookline, MA

“Ethan loved everything about his experience at Paula’s house.  So much so that he didn’t just want to attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays but wanted to go there everyday.  He would wake up every morning demanding that he visit Paula, Roz, Rissy, Suzi and Edda.  Each of these special women provided Ethan with a special place where he could explore, learn and grow. As a parent, I was thrilled that Ethan was in a warm, nurturing, and enriching environment.  We are honored to be a part of lucky group of Alumni to have been able to experience the magic of Creative Playtime.”
         — Lori , Boston, MA

“The attention and care that not only our daughter, Olivia, but also our family experienced at Creative Playtime was very special. The dedicated teachers at Creative Playtime allowed our daughter to take her first step into the world of friends and social learning.  The level of interest and quality of attention and interaction that Olivia received at Creative Playtimes was exceptional.  We are so grateful to Paula, Roz, Rissy, Suzi, and Edda for their dedication and devotion to children!”
         — Catherine and Ramzi , Brookline, MA


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