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Special Features: MUSIC

Music is an integral part of our daily routine at Creative Playtime.  Young children respond naturally and spontaneously to music . It becomes an outlet for movement, communication, creativity, socialization and cognitive growth. For the past several years, our program has been enhanced by the weekly, musical sessions of Ms. Sharin Horvitz-Chung and her guitar and multiple bags of musical instruments and props.

Sharin received a Master's Degree in Music Therapy from Lesley University. For the past decade, she has worked mainly in the field of early intervention and toddler classrooms to provide a gentle, encouraging environment where the musical participation of every child is valued.

Through creative play, repetition, and support from all of the adult caregivers, young children are able to master developmental skills, such as language, gross motor and fine motor skills, and the ability to take turns and anticipate actions.  A typical music class includes activities such as movement songs, soundplay, turn-taking with instruments, vocal improvisation, instrument free play, and awareness of rhythm. Our repertoire of songs always includes some new tunes, special favorites, and our personalized name songs.